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If you require a concrete company in Seattle with significant experience in the concrete industry, this is the right place. Our company provides both residential and commercial concrete services, among others, to our local customers. We also offer services to repair your concrete for when it starts to deteriorate.

We make sure that every one of our workers is licensed, certified, and insured; and that they are always up to date on the concrete industry’s latest improvements and advancements. Because of this, we guarantee that hiring us gets you the best job quality out of all the concrete companies in Seattle. Our company also values communication with our clients while providing an excellent yet affordable service. The equipment and materials that our team uses are of the best make, ensuring the most satisfactory job when you contact our experienced team.

If you want your concrete job to be successfully finished, hire our concrete company. Our company offers friendly, efficient service while keeping in constant touch with our clients. We guarantee the best service and results out of all the Seattle concrete companies, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

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Concrete Slabs

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Concrete Repair

Concrete Repairs

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Annie V.
Annie V.
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Amazing company! I’m very pleased with the work they did on my driveway. The job turned out fantastic. They were extremely attentive and quick to respond when I first got in touch with them, and they kept us updated on the progress. I definitely recommend them!
Carla S.
Carla S.
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You did an amazing job on our project! I’m glad I got in touch with you guys. Thank you for the incredibly well-done job! I’m very pleased with how the backyard turned up.
Thomas W.
Thomas W.
Read More
The guys did an excellent work on the walkway and driveway of my home. They couldn’t have done a better job on it. During the whole process, they were very informative, and they were always friendly with us. I’m delighted with how comfortable the whole process ended up being.

Residential Concrete Seattle Services

Our company offers many residential concrete services, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, walkways, retaining walls, countertops, foundations, and more. If you need a concrete contractor in Seattle, WA, to correctly manage your project, our team can make sure that it’s completed with the best quality. Our team is also one of the only ones that services concrete countertops in Seattle.

Concrete Contractors Seattle Finish Slab

Concrete Patio Services

If you’re looking to construct a new patio in your property, our concrete contractors in Seattle can handle any patio design and build you want, whether it’s a small backyard one or a deck that surrounds a pool. We’re here to provide you with the best craftsmanship in the industry that you can’t find anywhere else in Seattle. Regardless of the style you want for the patio, we can give you the best possible finish.

Patio concrete projects are usually more challenging to perform than sidewalk and driveway services, especially when there isn’t easy access to the area. Even then, that isn’t the only problem. Understanding the weather and the land surface of your patio is of utmost importance. We work carefully and take every special provision to get our team’s equipment to your place to complete the job.

With our team’s experience and knowledge in concrete patios, you can be surprised at the incredibly aesthetic and beautiful quality of the job we do. You don’t need any other Seattle concrete companies when we already provide our clients with the best patio service available on the market. Our team can adapt to your budget and provide you with the results you desire.

We can handle any design you have in your mind, whether it’s peculiar patterns or staining techniques that make the concrete look like a natural rock. Our team makes sure to leave you satisfied with your investment outcome when you decide to hire us to build your patio.

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Are you looking to repair your driveway? Maybe you need a new one? Either case, go check out our driveway service page and get a free quote!


Having a smooth sidewalk to the front door is essential. Especially if you have any visitors using a wheelchair. Check out our service page for a quote!


A new patio to hangout on when the weather is nice can be very enjoyable! We would love to get you a quote to have one done at your residence!

Retaining Walls

Holding back the soil is essential to keeping the integrity of your yard. We can build retaining walls specialized for your situation.

Counter Tops

Most people go with granite or quartz countertops. Try something a little different and more durable. Get some concrete countertops installed!

Pool Decks

Having a pool is always fun! Having a deck to enjoy the pool from is even better! Check us out today for a free quote on your project!


The best way to start anything in life is with a strong foundation. The same goes for your house. Get ahold of us today for a free quote!

Home Additions

This somewhat falls under concrete slabs. However, we have a service especially designed for home additions to tie into existing concrete!

Sidewalk Concrete Contractors Seattle

Concrete walkways and sidewalks are essential pathways that pedestrians use to safely traverse the city and give you comfortable access to your property. Most of the time, a placed concrete pavement lasts a long time, requiring minimum maintenance, unless the initial contractor does a poor job. When the contractor doesn’t use the correct construction methods, using inferior materials or a lousy design, the sidewalk can’t last as long as it should.

You need to hire a professional concrete contractor with a good reputation who takes in every possible detail when installing a new sidewalk or walkway. Out of all the concrete companies in Seattle, we’re sure that our team is the one that performs the best job. We evaluate the soil and plan accordingly to ensure that it isn’t unstable when we set the concrete, reducing the chance it cracks in the future.

We also consider whether it’s best to lay the concrete directly atop the compacted soil or on top of a layer. Using a base layer has better results, giving a more uniform base and reducing flaws, but it’s not always needed. It’s important to avoid setting sidewalks on places near trees because their roots can end up lifting slabs.

In the case that a sidewalk is deteriorating, our team can repair, replace or level them. Fixing the sidewalk early on can prevent further damage and crack caused by erosion due to water. When it’s only a small damaged segment, we can remove and replace the slab while taking care of the issue that caused it. Lastly, we can level the concrete if a slab lowers due to a void below the pavement or any other reason.

Our team is the best workers of concrete in Seattle, WA. If you need someone to handle either your sidewalk setting or repair, our concrete company in Seattle can complete the job competently. Other concrete companies in Seattle don’t offer the same service quality when compared to our experienced professionals.

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Concrete Contractors Seattle Mixer Pouring

Concrete Driveway Services

If you want to build a driveway or need to repair and maintain it, our concrete contractors in Seattle can help you in any situation. A concrete driveway is a convenient feature in any household, and It’s also the first thing that your visitors see when they get to your home. Having it in suitable conditions enhances your property’s charm.

Our workers can take care of any particular treatment your driveway requires. We can increase its size, change its shape, cut and redo some parts of the curbing, or make the curb climb a little smoother to avoid a bump when parking your vehicle. Our team can also work efficiently with your design on the occasion that you want to give your driveway a unique and alluring look, doubly so when you want a decorative driveway.

If you already have a driveway that eventually got damaged, we can replace the damaged portions and replace the concrete, leaving it as good as it originally was.

If you need help with your driveway design and build, you can count on our team to help you when you contact us. Our team can also advise you when you have doubts or problems with your property regarding the landscape. We’re the best concrete contractor in Seattle, WA when it comes to building a concrete driveway, and we find it rewarding when you allow us to help you with your need.

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Commercial Concrete Services

Our company also offers several commercial concrete services, including machine pits, bollards, trenches, paving, repairs, loading docks & ramps, truck wells, and many others. When it comes to these projects, you want to hire experienced workers, as they can significantly vary in scale and difficulty. You can give us a call if you need a company that offers concrete construction in Seattle that can manage your commercial job correctly. Our team provides the best solution for the project and ensures it’s completed with the best possible quality.

One of the most common commercial services is the installation of bollards. We can install them around high-traffic areas near your business or at sensitive spots in front of building entrances and windows to avoid unfortunate accidents. Our team can easily customize these bollards to any height or design you may require.

We can also fill concrete parking lots and install the respective wheel stops and gutters should you need them. Compared to asphalt, when you use concrete for parking lots, you can expect to have a considerably more sturdy job that’s resistant to harsh weather, excluding freezing temperatures. When you use concrete for a parking lot, you get a slightly more significant investment that performs well for a very long time and is low on maintenance.

Our team provides the service to build concrete loading docks and ramps for warehouses, factories, industries, and other commercial facilities. The dock has to align the incoming trucks with the entrance and grant direct access to every commercial storage room and facilities. A loading dock must withstand heavy use and abuse, so it must be built by a responsible team that doesn’t cut corners when doing the job. Our crew is the best at concrete construction in Seattle, and we can guarantee the quality of our services.

Occasionally there isn’t a need to build a loading dock and ramp because not every commercial business has a storage facility big enough to warrant it. These companies might find it more appropriate to make a simple truck well. It’s a durable and stable platform where trucks can park to load up their merchandise.

These are some of the numerous commercial concrete services that we provide. If you require any of these services or another, get in contact with our company. We have plenty of experience performing commercial jobs, and we offer competitive rates.

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Concrete Countertop Services

If you need to polish your concrete countertop or create one that fits your preferences, our company can handle it. The poured countertops that we make are durable due to the material used, and it comes at a great price compared to other contractors in the area. We can adapt to any style and design you may want by making a custom mold, giving your house a unique look. Our team makes the best concrete countertop in Seattle, so when you need to get one, get in contact with us.

Concrete Countertops Seattle Washington
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Concrete Repair Services

Not many companies offer the same quality as us regarding concrete repair in Seattle. Concrete is regarded as an extremely durable material, but more often than not, when problems arise with the concrete, it’s due to a poorly done job. We look to maintain your concrete structures by providing a service that can fix and reverse some of the problems that may occur over time.

It’s easy to see damage on the concrete in case a problem happens. Sometimes the concrete can crack or break under heavy weight or due to an impact. A stray root from a nearby tree can also lift a couple of slabs in the concrete. On another occasion, it starts to show its age and wear on the surface in the form of cracks.

Another common problem is when a segment of concrete is uneven. This issue deteriorates the look of the area around it and can cause further broken corners and edges on the concrete as time goes on. You can also easily trip on it and have future problems when you need to move heavy equipment over it. The simple solution to these problems is to fix it by leveling it, floating the slab in small increments.

Our team can help you in those situations and more. When you need concrete repair in Seattle, contact our company. We get the job done right and ensure that problems don’t resurface in the future. Our team has the right tools, training, and experience to repair your concrete and correct the underlying issue.

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