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We at Tulsa Concrete Company have spent many years developing our skills in order to bring a perfect service to all of our clients in the Tulsa area. We are at your service every day of the week to make sure we out perform all competition. We offer all services related to concrete other than actual concrete delivery. We offer the following services:

  • Commercial Concrete
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Counter Tops
  • Driveway Repair and Install
  • Concrete Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete Slabs/Foundations
  • Stained Concrete

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Johnny D.
Johnny D.
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Tulsa Concrete Company was able to handle my driveway needs without any problems or hiccups whatsoever. They are true professionals who know what to do when it comes to any kind of concrete driveway work. 10/10 recommend.
Roger S.
Roger S.
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We were having serious issues trying to find a company to come and pour the slab for our new building. When we called Tulsa Concrete Company, they were on-site in a day. They gave us a bid for the slab we wanted, and they were able to pour in no time at all. Their customer service is next to none. Would use this company again and again.
Hailey R.
Hailey R.
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Tulsa Concrete Company took the time to make sure my concrete countertops were nothing short of perfect. These countertops are exactly what I had imagined. They definitely delivered!

Concrete Driveway Tulsa

Driveways are a staple of many houses, and people often choose to install them with concrete due to the low maintenance they require. While asphalt needs at least some upkeep over the years, a concrete driveway easily outlasts it with just minimum maintenance. Regardless, you do pay a higher expense for the time you can save. 

Concrete driveways are an excellent addition to your house’s exterior. With just a little care, it can look perfect for a long time, improving your home’s appearance and giving you easy access to your parking space. A properly constructed driveway should last up to 50 years, but that’s if you make sure that a trusted and reputable contractor installs your driveway.

If you need to install or repair a driveway, don’t doubt to give a call to our concrete company in Tulsa. We can provide you with a service that can last you the longest time possible, and give you suggestions to keep it in the best working condition. On the other hand, we can also repair your concrete driveway if the surface continuously cracks, as it’s a sign of a job done incorrectly. 

Should your goal be to complement your house’s exterior, we can tint or stain your concrete. While regular white concrete by itself looks captivating, you can consider a darker color if you worry about your concrete staining naturally. 

Contact us if you’re wondering about your driveway’s design, build, or repair necessities, as our team can willingly help you get rid of any worry. We’re one of the best concrete contractors in Tulsa, OK, in all matters regarding it, and we enjoy helping our customers with their desired projects.

Tulsa Driveway Contractors
Finishing Concrete Slab in Tulsa

Sidewalk Concrete Service Tulsa

Many sidewalks and walkways see plenty of use by pedestrians as they go about their days. They’re a vital construction that provides easy access to commercial and residential buildings, and maybe even your own. The most significant appeal that a concrete sidewalk has is the long service life, but an essential fact is that its lifespan depends on the installation’s quality. Concrete sidewalks can fail after a couple of years if the contractor uses low-quality materials during installation and ignores proper design and construction techniques.

If you want to ensure your sidewalk lasts as long as it can, you need to hire a professional concrete contractor. Here at Tulsa Concrete Company, we guarantee a perfect installation as our workers consider every possible detail when performing the job. Ensuring the soil underneath the future sidewalk is uniformly compacted is just one of the steps we take. It reduces the chances of your sidewalk cracking in the future.

We can account for many situations, such as the slight chance of the soil shifting or shrinking due to its moisture level. In these cases, we place a suitable subbase to solve the soil issues. There aren’t many workers of concrete in Tulsa, OK, that are ready to handle as many possibilities as us. Our concrete services in Tulsa are second to none, so if you need a sidewalk installation or reparation, be sure to hire us.

Concrete Patio Tulsa

Using concrete as the material for improving the patio on your home is a great choice, thanks to its durability. If you want to take a breath in your backyard without having worrying too much about maintaining your patio, consider installing a concrete patio. It lasts for a long time and comes at an affordable price, that is, if you hire our concrete contractor in Tulsa, OK. 

If you’re not satisfied with your current patio’s look or want to upscale your residence by installing one, we can solve that. A concrete patio can last an incredible amount of time if it’s installed correctly. Our concrete workers ensure that it exceeds your expectations in every way you can imagine. After all, we value every one of our clients, so we strive to satisfy them with our project’s results. 

You can even customize your concrete patio to suit your design or needs. Many patios can be similar, but that’s if you wish for a typical installation. Concrete patios have an incredibly high aesthetic potential which our services can attain. If you want us to install a patio with an alluring design and give it a distinction over the others, our concrete contractors in Tulsa can readily assist you. 

We can also help you with the repair of your concrete patio. There are some situations where the concrete in your patio can become slightly uneven or sunken. Our team has the experience to deal with such problems and perform the repairs while keeping you informed of the process. 

Get in touch with our team, as there aren’t many contractors offering a concrete service in Tulsa as great as ours. We can give you an estimate on the job at a competitive price and guarantee a result that leaves you with nothing to desire.

Every project is an essential project to us. No matter the size, and no matter the part of Jacksonville, we treat you like our own. 

Call us today for a concrete company Jacksonville, FL that can complete all your concrete needs both promptly and correctly. 

Concrete Cutting Tulsa

Here at Tulsa Concrete Company, we offer a wide range of concrete cutting services, and we are ready to take on any challenge. There aren’t many concrete contractors in Tulsa, OK, with our level of expertise. The scope’s project doesn’t matter to our experienced team, and we take every needed safety measure during the process. Among the concrete cutting services we offer are floor sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, and more.

Every one of these services requires specialized tools to perform adequately, and our team has them all. The floor sawing service, also known as slab sawing or flat sawing, is a process where we cut horizontal surfaces utilizing flat saws. With these tools, we can also remove damaged portions of your concrete to repair or remove them. We can offer this service indoors or outdoors, as it makes no difference for us.

Wall sawing, as its name implies, uses tools to cut vertical surfaces. You may require this service when you need to make space for a doorway, staircases, or some HVAC appliance. We use diamond drill bits to perform core drilling services. Our team uses a core drill to get through hard surfaces or grab a sample from the material, as the drill’s center is usually hollow.

Don’t try to perform the job by yourself just because you can rent the necessary tools. In the hands of an inexperienced worker, even a perfect tool can’t do its purpose right. Hire our concrete company in Tulsa to perform your cutting services if you want the best possible results.

Concrete Cutting Company Serving Tulsa
Tulsa Concrete Contractor Cutting Concrete

Concrete Slabs

Here at Tulsa Concrete Company, we commit ourselves to provide you with high-quality concrete slab services. Our workers of concrete in Tulsa, OK, can use slabs to build supporting structures for the furniture in your patio, pedestrian traffic, or even trucks. With such a varied amount of uses, you require specialists in concrete work in Tulsa that can consider each of these variables before beginning their work.

That’s where our team comes in. We can fabricate our slabs using the best methods, or in some exceptional cases, do a little formwork to make them on site. Regardless, we carefully plan out the project to ensure an excellent end product. Our worker’s objective is to provide you with the best foundation possible and ensure your satisfaction as the project concludes.

Stained Concrete

Staining your concrete can give it a look of luxury that you can’t usually achieve by other means. Unlike paint, it doesn’t produce a solid, opaque surface. It permeates the concrete and gives it a translucent tone that varies depending on the surface. Infusing your concrete with stains can mimic many other materials, providing an impressive result and significantly improving its look.

Get in contact with us if you want to decorate any of your concrete structures with stains. The quality of our concrete work in Tulsa can make even the most lackluster concrete surface look splendidly.

Concrete Countertops Tulsa

If you need a handcrafted and customizable surface for your kitchen, bathroom, or any outdoor area, we offer an excellent concrete countertop service. There isn’t a single concrete contractor in Tulsa that provides a countertop service that rivals our own. Concrete counters are durable, easy to maintain and clean, and most importantly, they look great while keeping their original functionality.

The design options of concrete countertops are vast. You can choose its color, shape, add some inserts, and many other things. We can leave it with its natural grey color or try and imitate the look of different materials. If you want, we can even put special features on your counter, like a cutting board or a trivet.

Whichever you choose, when you hire our workers of concrete in Tulsa to install your countertop, you receive a unique product. It can last for an extended period, and we can even reinforce the concrete mix to make it lighter while retaining its strength.

Countertop Concrete Tulsa OK

Concrete Pool Decks

A big exterior home trend that’s gaining traction these days is concrete pool decks. This is because concrete is one of the best materials you can use to improve the area around your pool. It’s durable, and you can customize it effortlessly, giving it an excellent value for decorative decks. With concrete, the area surrounding your pool is safe and slip-resistant, as long as a contractor performs the job.

We are professionals that can get your pool deck installed efficiently. With decorative concrete for pool decks on the rise, it’s essential to make sure you hire the best concrete contractor in Tulsa, OK, to perform your installation. We can make your pool deck meld with the landscape of your outdoor environment and give the concrete a look that imitates more expensive materials, like slate or wood.

Our workers of concrete in Tulsa consult with you during the pool deck project’s entirety, adapting to your requests and suggesting enhancements on our end. We want to give you the best pool deck possible and leave you pleased with it.

Concrete Repairs

When you notice issues in your concrete structures, the ideal thing to do is call a concrete repair expert and consult with them. One of the most common causes of problems is poor installation. If you want to ensure that your concrete is repaired correctly, you need to contact our concrete service in Tulsa.

Here at Tulsa Concrete Company, we specialize in providing repair services for everything related to concrete. Whether you need to repair your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, slabs, pool deck, or foundations, we can do an efficient job. Spotting damage in your concrete is easy, but neglecting it can lead to larger issues and tripping hazards for you and your family.

As we solve your concrete issues, we make sure that they don’t come back any time near. Besides a bad installation, concrete can sometimes crack under excess weight or because of an impact. Occasionally a tree root can make its way underneath it and lift some slabs. It can also naturally present cracks due to its age as time passes.

Regardless of the situation, you can count on our team to offer the most exceptional repair service from all the concrete contractors in Tulsa. We can fix your uneven concrete and offer leveling services.

Commercial Concrete

If you’re looking to begin a commercial project that involves a concrete foundation or any other kind of related service in Tulsa, we can assist you. The most significant step you can take to complete your commercial project is hiring our concrete services in Tulsa. We have a dedicated team that aims to fulfill every project up to the smallest detail.

Many commercial businesses have already hired our services because we offer first-rate work that makes any other concrete contractor in Tulsa pale in comparison. Whether you need to
install a parking lot for your commercial facility, fill the floor of your business, put up a tilt-up concrete wall, we can do it all. If you want a more decorative finish because your business sees high traffic, we can give your floor some unique decorations that give it a charming appearance.

Here at Tulsa Concrete Company, we make sure that our commercial concrete is up to the standard and gives even better structural performance and durability than expected.

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