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A concrete slab is a flat structural element such as roof decks, ceilings, and floors. The slab is usually a couple of inches thick and supported by columns, walls, beams, and the ground. Slabs provide a vital foundation on which structures rest. There are various slabs: flat slab, solid slab raft, conventional slab, waffle slab, hollow-core ribbed slab, and composite slab. Concrete slabs have many purposes but can become cracked or damaged due to lack of steel, poor concrete mix, and insufficient thickness. There’s also the matter of how they were constructed and are used. If you notice any problems appearing in your slabs, the trained contractors at Seattle Concrete Professionals can conduct an on-site evaluation to determine the source of the issue. We are one of the most thorough slab concrete companies in Seattle.

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If you need slab concrete in Seattle, WA, then look no further. We are the best among the slab concrete companies in Seattle with our excellent customer service and quality offerings. These include installation, repairs of blemishes, and floor repair services. Using our essential tools such as screeds, portable mixers, laser levels, and vapor barriers, we ensure strong, safe, stable, and secure concrete slabs are laid to support your facility and infrastructure. The most common problem we address with slab concrete in Seattle, WA, is non-structural defects and blemishes such as drying shrinkage cracks, plastic shrinkage cracks, and popouts. To start the repairing process, we do a detailed visual inspection by taking pictures and recording measurements and diameters of the defects. Repairs are typically done using epoxy injection or filling the cracks or non-corrosive carbon fiber, curing and, in some cases, thin-bonded concrete overlay if there is delamination. Active wear and tear or heavy and frequent movement typically result in floor joint damage and surface defects. Our experienced contractors have developed standard repairing techniques for most concrete floor slab issues and blemishes. We offer joint repair, joint reseals, and crack repair. Additionally, we also provide other repairs, depending on the issue presented. After the slab cracks are filled and reinforced, a coating must be applied to the surface for areas such as pool decks, commercial floors, and garage floors. This is to ensure safety and to give the surface a smooth finish. 

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We have extensive experience and expertise in everything concrete protection and repair, making us the ideal company in slab concrete in Seattle, WA. Safety and integrity are a priority in providing outstanding concrete services. We get the job done on time without cutting corners and reducing quality. Our team is known as one of the best slab concrete companies in Seattle for years of good work, and we guarantee satisfaction.

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Well that is an easy answer. Seattle Concrete Professionals is the best concrete company in Seattle. We take pride in that too. That is why we not only deliver but over perform on our client projects. Quit wasting time trying to find a better contractor because they do not exist. Call us today. 

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